Typing Up Loose Ends after Passing AUD

03 Dec 2012


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It's been two weeks since my last post. I've delayed, in hope of amassing enough study time to justify a blog post, but I've found many other ways to fill my time.

I've mostly been tying loose ends and catching-up on tasks that I had to prioritize during my preparation for audit. Some of it was work-related.

Ask me to make a list of what stands between me and my studies, and I'd be hard pressed. Perhaps it's just in my head.

When I'm studying, I really tend to shut down all other parts of my life and focus. It's easy to do but what if I neglect something big?

But this week…. this week will be different.

Since the weather so dreary here, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into the inside of our boat, starting with Victor's berth.


Victor is kept warm by a down comforter, with a duvet cover that the Admiral fashioned out of an old snuggy.

Behind him are his clothes; one container for socks and underwear, one for tops, and one for bottoms.

For toys, he has trains, a Captain America shield/frisbee, and an airplane that I made out of cardboard.

To his left is a brown sliding panel that opens into the engine compartment, which we use for additional storage. The diesel engine was replaced with an outboard. The green cushions in the lower right of the photo are part of the salon/dining room.

He basically sleeps under the cockpit. He has a small reading lamp that I just re-wired, but he prefers his LED flashlight. The blue silk hanging from the bulkhead is all that's left of a privacy curtain that I improvised a couple of months ago.

It may not seem like much, but he's about as content as a five-year-old can be. I'm still the most popular toy, hands down.


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