Moving through BEC + Waiting to Schedule My Exam

03 Jan 2013


Patrick is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I've finally moved on from module 42 (Economics) to module 43 (Financial Risk Management and Capital Budgeting). The Wiley book is definitely written for people who already have a working knowledge of these topics.

I remember the satisfaction of mastering these subjects during my MBA course. Five years in banking and I haven't had much opportunity to put this knowledge to practice.

Where I was once fluent on topics like cost of capital, the security market line, or CAPM, I've been reduced to a working knowledge. Frustrating. I think a lot of business decisions are still etched out on the back of a napkin.

I have not schedule an exam date yet but it's looking like late February for BEC. Assuming I pass, that would give my until August to complete REG and hopefully allow for one failure along the way.

We went sailing on the 23rd but the wind was light and it rained almost the whole time. On the way home, the wind died off to nothing so I decided to tow our boat with the kayak, to stay warm.

The photo is of the v-berth, where we sleep and often read. The shiny stuff on the ceiling is insulation that we installed to keep a little more heat inside.

Our mattress is a 4-inch thick foam pad over lattice. It's actually quite comfortable…. much better than our former memory foam mattress. I actually prefer the boat to rock at night, while we're sleeping.

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