FAR Final Countdown: T-Minus 15 Days

08 May 2014


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As I write this I have a little more than two weeks before my FAR rematch. I am feeling every emotion right now as the internal pressure within me builds to earn a passing score.

The four-week plan I mentioned in my last post of answering at least 360 MCQ a week, reviewing notes two days, and resting one day was not 100% followed. I was only able to achieve half of my MCQ goal as I failed to properly plan my time.

I had known for a few months my sister was coming to visit for the Easter holiday. In my mind I’d rationalized being able to study while she was here by leaving and going to library. Well in the four days she was here that only happened once, but we had a great time and she really enjoyed her whirlwind tour of the Dallas-Fort Worth.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement, I recently accepted a job offer! I am very excited about the opportunity to work for this company. The organization really values the CPA and requires the designation in order to advance into management. This fact definitely gives my study sessions more meaning as I get closer to test day!

Slowly I feel the information starting to gel in my mind. I am also seeing a continual improvement in my practice test scores, so by test day I will be ready.

In reflecting back on my final two weeks before my October exam, I am in a much better place with my preparation now as opposed to then. Even though I’ve had a few distractions in this final month, I feel good about my chances to succeed in slaying the beast that is FAR.

I am looking forward to working hard these final two weeks so that I can give my best effort on test day.

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Jr. 10 years ago

I know the feeling. Im taking FAR by the end of May too. Stay focused and positive.