Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Priscilla

28 Mar 2014


Priscilla is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

I started my CPA journey early fall 2013. After spending a few thousand on review material, I thought I was ready for my first attempt of AUD. Wow! I was wrong.

I have failed 2 attempts at AUD since then. I honestly believe that my failures at this test are a way of life teaching me that I should NEVER give up. If I want something bad, given up is simply not an option!

I'm going for my third try May 2014; I'm walking in angry and ready to take ANY question that's given to me! I will pass!

I recently took REG and scored an 80, so now not only personal pride to complete this journey is at stake, but also pressure since I do not want to have to re-take REG ever again!

English is not my first language. I graduated high school in South America, so I have a few things when it comes to “testing” that are against me. I used to say that each of the times I failed, but now is different. I understood that failing is my only fault, no one else's or life experiences.

We all have “stuff” to take care of. Life gets on the way of our goals, it's just how it is and will always be. My question to all is “How bad do we want to become a CPA?” My answer is: If we want it bad enough, then we simply just need to work harder and try again.

Do we want those initials bad enough to put a lot of things on hold? If the answer is yes, then let's wipe those tears (if any) away from our faces, get the book and start studying.

Looking forward to share more stories with you all!


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A.K. 10 years ago

Work harder and definitely have more time to study, but it's difficult with a full time job, and family stuff. Keep up the good work Priscilla!