Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Roberta

31 Jul 2013


Roberta is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Where do I begin?

I started my quest to become a C.P.A. in April 2012. After sending in all my transcripts to the state board, to my surprise I was three credits short to sit and nine to get licensed. My first reaction was “What the #$***”.

I was in a well-known master’s program, which shall remain nameless, so I couldn’t understand why this was happening. OK, at this point I took the extra class to sit, and haven’t taken any additional to get licensed.

In December, I ordered my materials, and started studying for FAR. I must have been hit with the stupid stick because it was like I found myself questioning everything I learned.

My study routine was listening to the videos, doing the multiple-choice questions with the instructor and then the Wiley test bank.

Well, here comes year-end and I realistically couldn’t keep up the study schedule. I changed my exam date from April 1 to May 24th. My first mistake was taking such a long time to prepare for the exam.

Since my life wasn’t busy enough, during this time my husband and I decided to buy a farmhouse. I wanted to jump off a cliff! The stress of buying and renovating a house and studying was driving me insane. I put my desk in my walk in closet and closed the door.

My tough NYC spirit and my family kept me going. They thought I was nuts!

I received a 73 in FAR after studying over 750 questions and simulations combined. I gave myself a two minute pity party, and got over it. I haven’t rescheduled it, but will take it again in February.

For audit, I knew I had to change up the studying techniques. I started by listening to the videos and taking better notes. My NINJA Notes were now my best friend and I re-wrote them before I started in studying for audit.

I listened to the videos to start and used the NINJA BLITZ videos to keep the material in my head fresh. I would play them in the car on the way to work, at lunch, whenever I could.

My family made me use earphones, LOL! When I wasn’t sure about something, I busted out the Wiley text book. I did an incredible amount of simulations, questions, re-read many definitions, and re-wrote my notes on key topics.

I took audit today and hope all my efforts will pay off. BEC is next schedule 10/2 and then REG 11/6.

Thank you Jeff for all your good work and advice.

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