One Week to FAR Exam: NINJA Cram Session in Progress

19 Aug 2014


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It is getting closer to my rematch with FAR with just a week to go and my weekend is shot. I am in a wedding that involves setting up on a farm on Friday and Saturday. Maybe I can sneak some multiple choice questions throughout the set-up process.

I am still averaging 50 percent with the NINJA MCQ and that is starting to scare me. I'm hoping that it will start clicking ASAP.

Jeff recently posted a short clip about the NINJA method and suggested to buy the Uniball Vision Elite Pens to rewrite the notes. Well, guess what? I went to Costco and bought a 10 pack. They are much nicer than the ones I steal from my local credit union.

I am currently in the process of re-writing the NINJA Notes and have made it through page 68. I am hoping to be done by Thursday with the rewriting process so I can have a full week to review and get my NINJA MCQ score up. A cram session along with some PTO usage will be in the game plan for next week.

As I said, I am starting to get nervous because I do not want to fail and have all this study time go to nothing. The hours missed with the wife and the new kitties will hurt more if I do not pass and have to delay this process an additional 2 months.

Therefore, I plan to cram like my college days and maybe stay up past 9:00 PM. I will let you know next week how nervous I am! At least after my test, I have fantasy football draft with BYOB or BYO 6 pack.

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Ashey 10 years ago

Hang in. Cram like crazy now so all the time put in hasn't been wasted. It will be worth it. Goodluck at the draft! Oh yeah, and goodluck with FAR!

Heather 10 years ago

You're doing so fantastic! Hang in there. The end goal gets fuzzy sometimes (I miss my husband so much) but what we do is to enhance our family. I know you know all of this. Just wanted you to know you're not alone :)