NTS for AUD Received: It’s Real Now

07 Mar 2013


Sarah is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

This past week was an exciting week…I received my NTS for AUD. I also received my NTS for FAR, but I’m not as excited about that.

I got my AUD test scheduled for April 3rd and the reality of 30 days and counting has really hit me. I spent Sunday hammering in audit evidence and felt more comfortable about that.

I had a lot of family obligations from Thursday – Saturday so the only studying I got done was answering a few sets of 30 questions on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday I was hit with the stomach bug and was out of commission most of the day but I recovered and spent a good 5 – 6 hours studying Sunday.

I’ve mapped out a plan to spend a day on each section hopefully becoming more and more comfortable with those. I have set a goal to answer 200 questions per day per section for the next 10 days.

I then plan to spend the next 10 days answering sets of 200 questions broke up into 30 question testlets of mixed questions to help prepare me for an exam like experience.

I also plan to devote a couple of precious hours on Saturday and Sundays from now until the test on the SIMs. I feel ok about the codification section of the SIMs but the other SIMs worry me. I’m hoping by spending so much time on the MCQs, I’ll have better knowledge to answer the SIMs.

I’m doing all this with the CPAexcel software by the way. For my last 10 days, I plan to open up the Wiley MCQs and continue answering at least 200 questions a day and more if I have time.

Receiving my NTS was a relief and a little bit of a scare, it’s finally real now and I need to devote my life for the next 30 days to AUD and get off to a good start with a passing score.

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