AUD Studies: MCQs, MCQs, and More MCQs

25 Mar 2013


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Hi to all CPA Examers,

This has been a week of the grind. I’ve accomplished a lot of studying but still don’t feel like it’s anywhere enough. I’ve been getting to work by 6:30am and getting a good hour and a half (sometime two ?) of studying in before work.

Also because of the work environment, most days I can squeeze in another hour of Wiley MCQs pretty easy during the day.

I’ve gotten in a workout routine for the last few weeks after hearing so many people comment on how important they felt it was to their mental and CPA health. It’s usually 7pm before I start my evening study but I’ve been getting another good 2 hours most evenings.

I had a fluke internet/TV outage on Tuesday so I went old school and spend the night referencing a friends Audit textbook and going through flash cards. I would have hoped to spend a night like that catching up on some much need DVR footage, but since my TV runs off my internet, I couldn’t even be tempted.

I’m almost to the 2 week mark of my study plan for AUD, I sit for the exam April 3rd, and I can feel the pressure building. I’ve got two more sections to complete of my 150 daily MCQs today and tomorrow, then I’ll ramp up the daily MCQs to hopefully 300 a day.

Since I’ll be focusing on all sections instead of just one, I’m hoping by doing that many I’ll have a great feel for the questions come test day. I still haven’t spent hardly any time on the SIMS but my goal is to do a Sunday study session on them and I’ve also planned a few review days of those built into my two week prep.

I’d really like to start my CPA exam off right with a passing score but I’m also bracing myself for a retake sometime this summer. I’m trying to keep my focus on a hope for the best, expect the worse scenario.

Well I guess it’s back to the MCQs, they aren’t going to answer them by themselves!

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