BEC Exam Recap + My Study Plan for AUD Retake

04 Jun 2013


Sarah is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Yesterday I sat for BEC. I have a much better feeling than I did after sitting for AUD 7 weeks before but still left there feeling uncertain as to what the score will show.

Throughout the exam, I felt like I was doing pretty well, I felt like most of the questions were somewhat easy, maybe too easy, or maybe I just studied enough that I knew them. The writing portion was about what I expected.

There was one I wasn’t prepared for, one I knew enough to talk around and one that I knew pretty well. If I don’t pass, it won’t be because of the writing portion.

There were a handful of computations in each testlet, most I’d seen before but a few I didn’t have a clue on. Either way at least I’ll know in the next couple of weeks instead of having to wait almost 6 weeks like I did with AUD.

I have my retake for AUD scheduled July 1. I’m a little apprehensive about how to study for it with the new material so I think I’m going to just go through my videos and retake notes, then hammer Wiley MCQs like never before.

Looking back on my experiences between BEC and AUD, my first exam, I don’t think I really did enough MCQs nor did I know the best way to study. This time through BEC, I made sure to do every question in each section of my program and in Wiley then started taking groups of 72 and working through them.

I tried to do 3 groups of 72 MCQs each day for the last 6 days leading up to my exam yesterday. I was successful in that and I’m hoping that will reflect in my score.

I’m taking a couple days off, my only break, before tackling AUD. I took last night off after my exam and felt a little weird; I almost pulled out the iPad and started watching AUD videos, but I was able to resist the temptation and veg out.

I’ve only got 4 weeks before AUD so I’ll have to make the most of my study time. I’m determined to have 2 sections down before the end of the summer with hopes of completing the other two by the end of the year. A lofty goal but it would be nice to enjoy next year as a CPA instead of a CPA candidate.

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