Plan: Study for the CPA Exam and Accomplish Summer Tasks

03 Jun 2013


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My dogs are really cute and even cuddly, but can also be holy terrors. The small, smart one, the Aussie Sheppard, has figured out how to get into a relatively locked-down food box, and will spend time in the afternoons frolicking through its contents.

“I just bought dog food last week!” and “How much have the kids been feeding them lately?” have been common remarks when noticing the declining food levels. We then noticed paw impressions in the kibble, and we’ve since caught her at it a few times.

Being ever the opportunist, if we leave the bedroom door open mistakenly, she follows her sneaky afternoon repast with such a wild roll in our bed as to entirely unmake it. “I swear I made the bed this morning.”

The not-so-smart one, a lab/aussie/border collie mix, is incredibly active and rather rambunctious, but not as clever as the other one when it comes to sourcing food, and just looks on blankly as the other one dines surreptitiously. However, his specialty is much more attention-getting (that’s why they do this stuff after all, isn’t it?): he decimates plants, garbage bags, even if only filled with grass clippings, and lays waste to entire sprinkling systems. Not kidding.

What does this have to do with the CPA Exam?

Everything if I’m trying to study for the exams, while also needing to re-plan and reinstall the sprinklers, valves, wiring (how do dogs hone in on buried wires and surgically remove dozens of feet of the stuff?!?), sod and other choice “treats.”

Nothing if I quit and devote myself to full time to landscaping and dog sitting. The latter, however, is not an option, though I’ve been tempted; sure would be more fun and I’d have a much better tan.

One thing I’ve found interesting is how many people have suggested electrification of certain of his favorite targets around the house and yard. It makes you wonder how these people baby proof their houses. Not being an electrician, how would I get the voltage right?

Since that’s not a pretty picture should things go wrong, and I really don’t want to end up on the evening news, not to mention I kind of like the fuzzy little demon, attempting to balance yard work, puppy play and studying about audit engagements will be my summer challenge.

Good luck to us all!

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