A Mini Vacation from Studying for the CPA Exam

04 Dec 2012


Serena is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I got about 4 hours total studying time over the Thanksgiving break. Ouch.

Yes, my hubby and I had a mini-vacation and headed up to the Sierras to go snowboarding. He drove on the way there and I studied. And that was it.

I didn’t think about studying the rest of the time because I was in my element… shreddin’ the slopes!

Once the weekend was over it was back to reality and the realization that if I don’t push myself through the end of the year, I will be missing out on more time on that mountain.

You might wonder why someone who enjoys ski season so much would want to be a CPA. Don’t you spend pretty much every weekend of ski [tax] season at the office? Well, that is one reason I decided tax wasn’t for me 2 winters ago.

That and the fact I just don’t really like doing taxes enough to give up one of my favorite activities. I am still trying to keep an open mind about tax (in hopes that I pass REG next time around).

I’m sure some of you have figured out either through work experience or studying various sections which area of accounting might be right for you. But if you haven’t, don’t knock anything before you try it. Tax might be your cup o’ tea.

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