Holiday Craziness, The Nanny Crisis, and A Little Time for REG

14 Dec 2012


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Just want to give you all a quick update, because as usual, life is moving by too quickly. With the holidays approaching things have been stressful to say the least.

Not only do we go back to New Mexico to visit family, we have a couple birthdays thrown in the mix. Mine is Christmas Eve and my daughter’s is December 30th.

I have been working hard in preparations for company holiday parties, lining up babysitters, and getting everything at home ready for us to hit the road to go visit family, just to return and have my daughter’s birthday party the day after we get back.

Just to throw a wrench in, of course this week is a travel week for work and at the end of the week we both have our company holiday parties to attend.

I had this whole week planned out perfectly, got tons of stuff done this weekend, and even cleaned a little house. (Ok, so I slacked a little on the studying…) And tonight our nanny had a crisis and let me know that the next three days (while I am supposed to be out of town) she won’t be able to come help!

In a panic I called my neighbor and thankfully she came to the rescue and will be helping my husband out while I am gone. After the panic subsided, I packed my bags and fired up the ol’ computer and did some MCQs.

I have to say I scored pretty darn well! I have been listening on the daily commute again to the NINJA Audio for REG. Even though my commute is only about 20 minutes and I probably zone out about half the time listening (all you busy people know what I’m talking about), I can still practically ‘sing-a-long’ err—talk-a-long—with Jeff through the audio.

I guess that’s what happens when you study for a section for a combined 4 months. I should pass next time with flying colors.

Time to catch some zz’s – I’ve got an early morning flight to catch!

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