Resolution: It’s My Year to Pass the CPA Exam

15 Jan 2013


Serena is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow NINJAs,

I am so sorry I have neglected you the past few weeks. Shame on me!

But I am still here, and in final preparations for retaking REG, in one week.

The holidays were rough finding study time (as most of you can probably relate), since we all want to maximize our time with family we only see a couple times a year if we’re lucky.

I did manage to study a lot during the long drive from California to New Mexico. I am grateful that I’m not the type of person that gets car sick when reading.

I had a little bit of a panic a few days ago when I started seeing all the emails from Jeff about ‘2013 Updates’ etc, because I have been studying for REG on 2011 tax laws still, and –oh no!— new year! They will be testing over 2012 now?! UGH!

Luckily last night I got the updated NINJA Notes and have been reading through them. So far looks like there are only a few changes (section 179 depreciation, etc), so I think I can handle it. I will just have to read over the notes a few more times before next weekend just to make sure!

2013 will be a good year. I plan on becoming a CPA and relocating my hobbies! That’s my resolution.

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