REG Exam: Hoping My Re-Take Strategy Pays Off

30 Jan 2013


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Last weekend I re-took REG. I was sure to do a few things differently on test day, and I am hoping they paid off.

Last time I almost ran out of time. I had 3 sims left and less than 10 minutes on the clock I think, and I hadn’t even read the questions I had to answer.

And if you’ve taken REG, you know that the sims are packed full of information that you have to sift through for the information that you actually need, plus you have to do some calculations and things. And if you haven’t taken REG, hopefully now you know what to expect.

Since before I had not looked through all the sims prior answering them all, I was just taking them in order (as you normally would on the MCQs). Well, this proved to be a bad idea when I got stuck on a tough one and lost track of my precious time. This tactic may have been the factor that caused me to fail, because I was pretty darn close to passing.

This time around I worked quickly through the MCQs leaving me plenty of time to work through those horrendous sims. I think I had close to an hour and a half to complete them.

So I looked at each one before I started answering questions, skimming through them so that when I came back to answer them I would be familiar with where all the information was, as well as know which ones I thought we easier. Those I would answer first.

Also, there was another similar question to the one I got hung up on last time (which only has one answer, so you either get the credit for or you don’t—there’s no making up points with getting it ‘half right’) so I was sure to save this one for last.

I finished with about 15 minutes on the clock so hopefully that is a good sign. Because I have not ONCE walked out of the test center either knowing I passed or failed. I am always unsure.

And when family asks me “well, how do you feel you did?” I get pretty frustrated because I don’t know how I feel! I just know it was hard, but I finished, and now all I can do is wait…

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