Diving into FAR + Pleased with My Progress

01 Mar 2013


Serena is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Last week I had just started really diving into my study plan for FAR.

Since I am using my NINJA Flashcards as a guide on which topics to study, they are going in alphabetical order. Sounds crazy, but that’s just how it worked out since I was so determined to tackle my bond-phobia right off the bat.

After that, I just kept going in order of the flash card topics. So I just re-sorted the NINJA Study Planner and updated the topics to coincide (I had the 2011 version… hmmm … I guess I have been at this for a while).

So I made it through Accounting Changes, Bonds, Consolidations, Current Assets/Liabilities, Deferred Taxes, Derivatives and Financial Reporting. All in one week! I am on a roll!

My daughter was home sick for two days, so I took advantage (terrible, I know) and studied pretty much all day in between being a servant to the sick. That extra time at home is what really gave me the boost.

Yesterday I started Governmental Accounting. I was feeling pretty confident cranking through a subject each day, until I hit this big ol’ beast. Guess I’m just going to have to treat it like Bonds and keep hammering out MCQs until I achieve a passing score on them.

Regardless, I am pretty pleased with my pace and feel pretty darn good about being prepared come test day in April. At this rate, I should be able to get through the rest of the topics by week 3, leaving 3 more weeks to drill the MCQs, practice SIMS, and re-write the NINJA Notes.

I hope this optimism and motivation lasts several more weeks.

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