NINJA Marathon: Keeping up the FAR Momentum

27 Mar 2013


Serena is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

It may have been more than a week since my last update, so let me fill you in.

I DID manage to keep up the momentum and get through all the study material during my weekend NINJA Marathon.

Overall, I believe it took about three weeks to get through the material with my modified NINJA method: Nail the Flashcards, Intense Notes, Non-stop MCQs…I guess it’s more like the ‘NIN’ at this point, since I haven’t re-written the NINJA Notes yet, and I am still waiting for the part where it “All comes together.”

Now I am drilling MCQs—spending the past couple days hanging out in the Governmental section. Some of the concepts I am really struggling with. I even pulled the CAFR off the internet so I could visualize things better.

That just resulted in a lot of “OH MY GOSH,” and “WOW, how do you have billions of dollars of a deficit?!” Even my husband (who is anything but an accountant) knew that wasn’t good!

I definitely need to keep quizzing myself with the flashcards on the Government section. I’ve got 15 days until I sit for FAR, so I am trying to focus on trouble areas. I will start re-writing my notes next week, and try to throw in some practice SIMS.

I’ve also been listening to the REG audio at work to keep the material fresh since it’s been quite slow for my team (no, I do not work in public). I will be taking REG two weeks after FAR.

This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous weather, so it’s going to be difficult to stay focused, but I am more than ready for this to be over with. My husband motivates me by reminding me “wouldn’t you like to have the summer to finish all your projects and hang out at the beach without having to study?” Um, YES!

I can’t believe I have been messing around with this studying nonsense for a year and a half (almost)!

Ok, so my post wasn’t as quick as I intended, but now you’re caught up! Have a great week, NINJAs!

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