Last Exam Ever? Fingers Crossed for REG Results

19 Apr 2013


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I just don’t know what to do with myself. I took REG today, which will hopefully be the last. Exam. Ever.

And I have to tell you—I don’t want to celebrate too early, but it feels like half the world was lifted from my shoulders. Yes, only half, because I don’t know for sure how I did.

Plus, I took FAR two weeks ago, so I will be receiving both scores at the same time. I am crossing all my fingers and toes, legs, arms, every body part that can be crossed! I am so ready to have my life back.

Over the last few months, I started a list that should keep me busy for years to come—all the projects, ideas, activities, hobbies I would like to bring back into my life—that I have been putting off while studying for the exam. I’m sure most of you can relate.

I felt such a relief after my test that I picked my daughter up from school, took her to frozen yogurt, took her to a mini-celebratory dinner (the hubby works nights), and then to Home Depot to buy the power sander I have been wanting so I can finish the wooden Adirondack chairs I started LAST summer, while studying for BEC round 2.

I had every intention of breaking it out of the box and using it tonight after she went to bed, but instead I decided to do a little bit of de-cluttering and to sit down, relax, and blog to you all.

As for the test experience, I felt like I did on my very first test back in 2011. I was actually nervous. I haven’t been nervous for any of the test except my first one.

I went to work in the morning and couldn’t get any work done. I had to force down lunch before I left to head to the test center. My palms were sweating, and I was a little light headed. It was like I was heading to a job interview or something.

I guess the nerves were from knowing that this could quite possibly be the very last time I step foot into Prometric. So I didn’t want to mess anything up. Once I got settled into my chair at the test center, I took a few deep breaths before clicking through the screens to start the test. And after that, I was fine.

I try to treat the tests as a study session. It keeps me more relaxed.

So what are your nerve calming techniques? And what’s at the top of your “getting my life back” list?

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