Regulation Study: Finding Time for ELL

11 Sep 2012


By Serena

Serena is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi everyone,

Things have been pretty busy around here, which makes me exhausted and gives me an excuse to go to bed early or sleep in until I have to get up for work.

And yes, I know I swear by the ELL method, but it is definitely hard to stick to. Especially when I’m not able to do the first L (Lunch) due to very busy work days.

That means I have to tack on another hour between morning and evening. But after working a 9 hour work day without a lunch break (the joys of closing the books in 4 days in order to submit financials to our parent company), who wants to go home and look at the computer for another 3 hours, let alone another thirty minutes?

I have read many other bloggers’ posts struggling to gain motivation, so I know I am not alone. My goal is to take REG at the beginning of October which means I only have about 4 weeks left, and I am consistently scoring between 50 and 70% on my study questions. More often on the lower end of that.

As I was hoping, just getting these words on paper (or on a screen) makes me realize what I have to do. No more stalling. I’m headed back to the books.