REG Study: Working MCQs and Rewriting NINJA Notes

18 Sep 2012


By Serena

Serena is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.


Here I am with 21 days left until I plan to take REG, and still not quite comfortable with some of the topics.

When I do MCQs, I usually do 30 at a time, and sometimes I score really low (between 40-50%) and other times I score ok (65-75%), or at least what I think is ok based on the time I have left to be fully prepared.

But I feel like I score way better when I happen not to get questions in my trouble topics (even though my study material is supposed to be adaptive and help me work on my weaker areas).

So I decided to go back to the NINJA Notes and write them. I started with the section on Law and Professional Responsibilities because I feel pretty strong in Individual Tax, but once I finish writing the B-Law section, I will still go back and write the Tax sections.

I have already read through these notes a couple times and listened to the Audio who knows how many times, and I had taken some notes already while listening to the audio. But I hadn’t written the actual NINJA notes yet.

I chose not to go with a study material with videos, so I basically leave that step out of the NINJA method. I guess I kind of replaced that with the audio.

My wrist hurts from writing, and my daughter is amazed at how many pages I have filled. And as I am writing the notes, I find myself reading the first few words and then finishing the line by memory with Jeff’s voice in my head.

I guess I have listened to the audio quite a bit. But I think when it comes test day, that will definitely benefit me. Now back to writing the notes, then another block of MCQs.