Rearranging My Plan for Regulation

24 Sep 2012


By Serena

Serena is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

So another week has passed, and I feel like I am improving.

I have completed writing the B-Law half of the NINJA Notes and am starting back with Individual Tax. I have decided though, to schedule my exam for a week later than originally planned; the second weekend of October.

There is a possibility I will be traveling for work that first week of October, which is also close week for us, so I have to manage to accomplish what I do in 5 days in 3, and then hop on a plane, switch gears and see through the end of another company’s close.

I figured with working extra hours plus traveling I wouldn’t be able to focus much on the final week of studying leading up to taking the test. Getting home Friday night and walking into the test center the next morning doesn’t sound like a good plan; for my mental well-being and subsequently my test scores.

Basically I wanted to share this because while it is important to stick to a plan, sometimes things come up and it is wiser to be a little flexible and rearrange things if necessary before you run yourself into the ground trying to accomplish the impossible.

In a perfect world, nothing would come up. But if you work and have a family, you all know that this is rarely the case.