REG Approaching: Two Weeks of Cramming Ahead

11 Oct 2012


By Serena

Serena is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Wow! It is tough to write every week, especially as the time closes in on the test date. But I owe you all an update.

I scheduled my test for two weeks from now (well less than that at this point) and I am starting to panic. But it was my only option if I wanted to take it in October and on a weekend.

So these next two weeks will be a lot of “cramming.” Flashcard drills, tons of MCQs, and re-writing notes. I should probably try to practice a few sims also.

Next weekend there will be little to no fun to be had, and my family may not see much of me except to eat and make more coffee. No zoo, no beach, and I will be lucky if I manage to get out for a walk.

This also means no grocery shopping, and no cooking. Oh DARN! – hubby’s on dinner duty for two weeks…should I be excited or scared?

Well, I’m keeping it short and sweet. Wish me luck in the next couple weeks. I may need a miracle!