FAR Study: Methods May Need Revision

14 Mar 2014


Shaila is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi fellow NINJAS!!

Since my last post, I’ve covered another 25% of FAR material, which puts me a little past 75% complete. I am just itching to be done going through material and to start reviewing and knocking out Wiley MCQs.

Something I want to mention is that studying for these exams is an evolving process. A study strategy or certain study materials that may have worked for you for one exam may not necessarily be working for another exam. Don’t be afraid to switch it up if you find that’s the case.

For my past three exams, I read through the online textbook for each section and completed the practice questions based on that. I didn’t watch the videos that came with my study material at all. I started studying for FAR using the same method, and it did not work.

After several stop and go attempts at studying for FAR, I started watching the videos. It made all the difference. It is now much easier to get through material and understand it in less time. I now solely watch the videos and only look at the textbook when a question pops up that wasn’t covered in the video – which is not very often.

I feel like I can really do this. I’ve gotten through so much material much faster than I thought I could. I’m getting really nervous because I only have two windows before my AUD credit expires. I really do not want to retake AUD because I took it before all the new material was incorporated last summer.

My issue with FAR isn’t that it’s all terribly difficult, but that there’s so much of it! I think it will all come together once I start reviewing and letting it all sink in, though.

Keep up the good work, everyone!

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Brigette 10 years ago

Thank you for posting this! I am in the midst of studying for FAR and am just so tired of it that I am struggling to focus on studying at all. But maybe changing my studying technique will help me!

Lien Ta 10 years ago

What video did you watch for FAR