In Non-Stop MCQ Mode with FAR in Two Days

09 May 2014


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I'm terrified.

I think I have a good reason though – I'm taking FAR in two days. I think the reason I am so terrified is because if I pass, I will be done with the CPA exam forever. I want to be done so bad.

And if I fail, well, I'll have one more shot in July before my AUD credit expires in August.

I just don't feel like I have a very good grasp of some of these topics. Particularly, leases and equity. Well, let's be honest. I don't have a very good grasp of any of these topics.

But I feel that I've learned a lot since I first started studying for FAR in January. Yes, I know, it's been 4 months. I finished going through the material in mid March, then I picked up reviewing in mid April.

I've reviewed for about three weeks now, and currently I'm in nonstop MCQ mode. I do sets of ten questions (so I don't burn myself out), and I've been consistently getting only 6 or 7 right out of 10. That can't be good.

My final review strategy for REG was to do all the MCQs I could because I didn't have time to review my notes. I wound up with a 75. This time I'm hoping that since I reviewed my notes and am chugging through these MCQs, I'll somehow make it through FAR and life will immediately start looking up.

I'll be able to play in the sunshine this summer and read books and get more exercise and focus on all these other things I want to do besides study for difficult accounting exams.

Yep, I am really looking forward to being done. I realize I'm probably not in the best shape to pass, but I've been surprised by my passing scores in the past. It's taught me that you never actually feel ready to take these exams, but you may just pass. I hope that will be the case for this last one too.

I hope the universe grants me this fantastical wish of passing FAR on Monday. I hope it grants all of your wishes of passing exam sections too.

Happy studying!

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Jr. 10 years ago

You'll see you'll do great. I know it must be nerve breaking but at the same time just think positive. It's your LAST part!!! Success! I'll be taking FAR too by the end of May but I'm just starting my journey. I know we'll do good!

Caity 10 years ago

I'm in the same boat. I need to pass FAR by August before I lose REG. You've got this lady!!!!

Shaila 10 years ago

Thanks a lot Caity!!! Good luck to you. We'll knock these tests down!

Shaila 10 years ago

Thanks Jr.! Congrats on starting your CPA exam journey, I hope it's a smooth one for you!!!