BEC on the Brain: Exam Day Nerves Creeping Up

09 May 2013


Shaila is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

My BEC exam is in 11 hours. Woohoo! Just kidding.

I am pretty unconfident about it, but I think my best bet is to just get a good night’s sleep so I don’t blank out during the test tomorrow and review my notes in the morning.

I won’t do any Wiley MCQs, because I’ll probably start freaking out when I get them wrong and scrambling through my notes to find the right answers.

I felt really overwhelmed this weekend. Now that time was running out, I was forgetting every cool thing I learned about BEC.

There is definitely a direct relationship between study time and study quality, and for my next exam, I’ll be sure to increase my study time so I’ll be able to fully understand things and not have to skimp on certain topics.

I’ve got BEC on the brain so much that I’m dreaming about it. I had a nightmare that I left my NTS at home. I finally somehow was able to start the test an hour and a half after my designated appointment time and racing the clock was not really a fun time. Then Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie showed up. ???

I shudder to think what REG and FAR will be like if I’m having this much trouble with BEC. Did anyone else have a significantly hard time with BEC?

Alright NINJAs, I’m off to get that good night’s sleep! A glorious day awaits me tomorrow.

Keep on keepin’ on!

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