Halfway There: BEC Passed! Just FAR and REG Remain

Shaila is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hey NINJAs! My last post was written the night before my BEC exam and I was feeling unprepared due to all the math I’d come across while studying.

The next day, I finished the exam a little early and thought I did well. There were more conceptual problems than math problems on my test, and the math problems I did have were less complex than the ones in my study materials.

I didn’t really study for the written communications at all, so I’d like to thank the BEC gods for smiling down on me that day and making my written communication topics extremely general.

As you all know, there was a round of score releases last week. Some people started getting their scores on the 22nd, and I hoped mine would turn up that day too, but no luck!

I woke up extra early the next morning (who can sleep when CPA exam scores are making their debut?) and there my score was. An 83! I hope all of you received good news as well.

That leaves me with REG and FAR left to tackle. My NTS expires July 13th, and there’s no way I can seriously attempt both by then. So my goal for now is REG.

I put in my resignation at work this week, as I have a new job in public accounting lined up a few months from now. So excited to finally be able to get that experience! I’m taking the time off to study, travel, and just recharge in general. From what I hear, my new job will be stressful and I won’t have much time to study.

I’m trying to get these tests done with early, because I feel like life will be really hectic later on. I’m not really sure how many of you study for these tests with a marriage, kids, jobs, and other life activities going on. It must take some serious time management.

Until next time, keep at it NINJAs!

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