Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Shannon

25 Mar 2014


By Shannon

Shannon is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

I started this journey after I graduated college in May 2010. I had a public accounting job lined up after graduating, but I wouldn’t start until September 2010, so I immediately went into studying FAR. Now, what I wouldn’t give to have 3 months off.

Anyway, I was using self-study materials—went to the classes religiously, followed all recommendations and I received a 74. I was devastated.

I ignorantly applied for all 4 sections at once (this was prior to becoming Another71 Forum Stalker), so I went through the motions for Regulation and Audit, and didn’t even bother to sit for BEC after I received another 72 and 73.

It took 3 years, but I finally recovered or stopped being lazy. 2013: I was going to conquer this animal. I had just finished busy season and went straight into studying for Auditing. I’m an auditor, so I thought this would be an easy pass and a great kick start to my journey. This thought is similar to the kind of excuse people use for taking diet pills.

After a Hail Mary—I passed Auditing with a 75 in May of 2013! So, naturally I spent the next 3-4-5-6 months celebrating that. There was a half-hearted attempt in there at FAR in the fall of 2013, but I was still living off the “Just-by-the-seat-of-my-pants 75!”

So here I am in the midst of busy season. In my continuous stalking of Another71, I have decided to use Jeff’s ELL, NINJA approach to beat FAR. I had not followed this plan in prior attempts. I decided to use the same self-study program I had previously used (the updated version).

I finished Nailing the Lecture Videos and taking Intense notes. Next up, is Non-stop multiple choice questions followed by Just re-writing my notes. I purchased the FAR NINJA Notes, Wiley Test Bank, and Audio last fall in a desperate attempt by purchasing those would automatically mean I would pass.

Hey, I was still busy celebrating!

For all you fellow NINJAs—that’s not how that happens. You’re welcome for testing that theory. This time, I decided to open the e-mail, download the notes and read them. I plan to use the NINJA Notes as a supplement to the notes I took during the lectures and listen to the Audio while I’m at the gym, because there’s nothing like listening to Jeff talk about Book to Tax Temporary differences that makes me want to get one more rep in!

I sit for FAR on April 12—it was a tough decision choosing to take FAR or be at the office the Saturday before the April 15 deadline.

I played soccer in college and my coach would get so frustrated with me because I would only decide to really put the effort in and show what I am capable of when the pressure was finally put on. He would refer to me as, “Showtime.” Well, here I am. I have 3 exams to pass by November 2014.

I am feeling the pressure, Coach!

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Nafijah_Soon to be a CPA 10 years ago

Great, I know one more person who has to take three parts and has the same deadline, makes me feel better! My deadline is October I am done with Regulation, took BEC once and got a 70 studying again for it and taking it April 19th. Best of luck, we all need it!