REG Study: Nailing the Videos + Taking Intense Notes

12 Jul 2014


By Shannon

Shannon is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

I would have to think the hardest part of studying is Nailing the Videos, while taking Intense Notes. And by hard, I mean mentally hard.

Possibly because it’s the first part of studying and you have to get the ball rolling. Or perhaps it’s hard to get motivated to sit in front of a computer and listen to someone teach you. Or, maybe it’s all just me and I thought I was done with school! But you have to do it.

So, as I am listening to my lectures, I am realizing I know quite a bit more than I thought I would regarding Regulation.

Of course, right when the confidence starts flowing, I feel like I am hearing something for the first time and I have to back-up the video and listen to it again. And then pause the video to take notes.

Start. Pause. Repeat.

And these shenanigans prolong the lecture even longer! However, this process is the foundation of my studies. These are the notes I plan to re-write and re-write again. These are the notes I will draw upon when I am answering multiple-choice questions.

So this is the time to tune-in and absorb as much as I can. Along with my personal notes, I am also able to supplement with the Regulation NINJA Notes. I find that the NINJA Notes provide a better overview and easy-to-understand presentation of the topics. And it’s always good for me to see things depicted in a different way.

It’s easy for me to pull up my notes on my phone when I have a few minutes at the doctor’s office or when I have my mom on speaker phone. I am very excited to get through these lectures and begin the Non-Stop MCQs.

I am using the new NINJA MCQ and my next post will include how I implement those in my studies, if I can make it through these lectures! Until next time!

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Simone 10 years ago

The videos are very rough. I have gotten through 75% of them but right now need to go back and write out some notes for all those mnemonics and formulas so that I can get them in my head. Good luck