REG Lectures Done, Now Cranking out NINJA MCQ

29 Jul 2014


Shannon is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow CPA Candidates!

I was able to get through the lecture videos and immediately jumped into the 2014 NINJA MCQ. I am able to access these questions online, so I can use them during my lunch break while at work or if I have a bit of time, I can squeeze in a 5 question session.

This past weekend I decided to crank out lots of questions and focus on Individual and Entities Taxation. I appreciate how the MCQ are broken down even further within each topic. For me, this makes it is easier to distinguish what subtopics I have mastered and which need further attention.

Since I was trying to cover a lot of questions over the weekend, I tried to remember that it’s more about quality over quantity. When I was answering the questions, often times I would click on the definitions of the terms pertaining to that question and references to that topic, to enhance my studying even further.

It’s easy to get caught up in the number of questions you do rather than really absorbing the information. Each question is an opportunity to learn more and could be the difference between a 74 or 75—or even helpful on part of a simulation.

Within the NINJA MCQ, you are able to print a progress report. This report will show you very helpful feedback by showing you information such as your average trending score on each topic. Your dashboard (similar to a home page) also provides progress by categories and your last 5 session scores.

I think these are good measuring tools to show you how well you’re progressing within this section of the exam and also shows you how much further you need to go. My next goal is to answer all the MCQ and then go back to rewriting the NINJA Notes. Until next time!

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