Taking on FAR, One Bite at a Time

22 Mar 2013


Sonila is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi All.

Another week was spent studying. I took a few days off and I studied. It felt awesome to go to the library and just study in the quiet. It felt like I was in college again, and I loved college.

College years were simple. I could just focus on my studies and not been pulled in so many directions.

“Studying for my CPA” has become a very important event in my household. “CPA Studying” is such an overused phrase around my house that the other day my 5 year old son exclaimed: “Mommy can I join you, so I can study to pass my CPA?”

He also loves the idea that I have the picture of a NINJA on my study documents. He is so happy his mommy is a NINJA.

This past week has been very productive. I tend to agree that rewriting the NINJA Notes and doing MCQs is very helpful. I am still continuing to listen to the accounting podcasts. I feel like I have a friend in the car keeping me company during my commute.

I have been working on keeping things in prospective and staying motivated. I feel more motivated with each and every MCQ that I get right. I just got a Franklin Covey organizer for my phone and the main theme is that you should schedule based on priorities.

So if you have not put in 4 hours of study a day, just drop anything that is not on the top 3 priorities for the day and complete that task, make sure it is checked off the list. I am learning how to eat the elephant (FAR) one bite at a time.

I actually took a break last night to watch the recorded episodes of “The Bible”. What struck me is how important it is to trust and have faith. Joshua was told that the walls of Jericho fell after Joshua's Israelite army marched around the city blowing their trumpets.

Can you imagine what these soldiers thought after walking around the city walls for a few days and nothing happening? Do you think they had doubts? But they were not allowed to talk among themselves, so not to get negative and stop God from giving them all the favors God intended to give them.

So stay focused and do not talk yourself out of God’s favors.

Happy Studying!

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