FAR Exam: Lost on the Way + Waiting for Good Results

25 Apr 2013


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Hello NINJAs,

A couple weeks have passed by since I have written to you all.

I sat for the second time for FAR on April 13, 2013. After I had scheduled the exam, I was told it was a lucky day. So I am believing in that! ?

The exam Experience was similar to the last time with the exception that I was lost on my way to the test center and needed my husband’s help to navigate me there. My GPS routed me to a different place, about 15 minutes away from the center.

Thankfully, I had left a few minutes earlier, so I made it there maybe a couple minutes before the scheduled time, 8 AM.

After that I was signed in, fingerprinted and told to sit at a certain assigned computer. This time around I did not take a break; four straight hours sitting in the same chair going through the 90 MCQs and 7 Simulations. A very long exam!

The only change is the use of the board and a marker, but I managed to fit all that I needed to write on the two pages.

Anyhow, I am still waiting my results patiently. Staying positive and studying for Auditing, which I plan to take at the end of May.

May the Angels help us!

Fellow NINJA,


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