Motivated for My Second Round with AUD

06 Jun 2013


Sonila is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Last Thursday, I took Auditing for the second time. The last time I sat for this exam was back in 2011. Having passed FAR in mid April, I felt greater motivation to tackle Auditing this time around.

I had to drive 2 hours to my test center, the only available test center with open test spots as close to the end of the testing window as possible. I felt it would be beneficial to have the extra week to study.

When I got to the center, 1 hour ahead of the scheduled time, I asked them if I could take the test at that point. After they checked if there were any available seats, they allowed me to start the test a bit ahead of my scheduled time.

The test seemed long, as if it was never going to end. I also noticed quite a few of questions I hadn’t seen in the review material. I chose not to take any breaks and so, I ended up with extra time to review.

The issue with reviewing is that you have the opportunity to doubt yourself if your answers were correct in the first place. On the other hand, to look at it positively, you have the opportunity to fix any mistakes. ?

I used my lecture course and NINJA 10 Point Combo to study for Auditing this time around. I studied more than 4 hours a day for 6 weeks. I pray that was enough of studying to get a green score.

All keep up the good work. And remember no matter what your score, nothing is done in vain.

Will report back when the scores are released. Until then, study, study, study.

Fellow NINJA,


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