Taking a Break on Vacation, then Starting Fresh on REG

27 Apr 2012


Stephanie is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello Everyone!

This past week completely got away from me. I had a lot of personal commitments this past weekend, and you always underestimate the planning and front work that goes into a vacation.

We leave on Saturday to go down to Florida to visit family and I was so busy with this that studying took a back burner.

Not to mention that my son has been trying to cut a tooth for the past couple of weeks and it’s getting close which means he is getting crankier and not sleeping as well.

So, yesterday I just came to terms with the fact that I will get no studying done until I get back from vacation. I think it’s better to just accept that and move forward than to try and study out of guilt and have it not be effective.

I have decided I will start back fresh with my study plan when I get back from vacation and work towards taking REG the first week of July. Not what I originally planned, but I am content with it.

I also went public with some exciting news this week. My husband and I are expecting baby #2 in mid-November! We are so excited to finally share this news with everyone. And while not the reason we decided we were ready for #2, hopefully this will be that extra boost of motivation I need to get this exam done once and for all.

I think I will still be on track to be done before baby #2 arrives, or at least only have one section left, but it will take a lot of hard work. I pray I am up for the challenge!

Good luck to everyone studying and taking exams this week or next week!

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Jeff - another71.com 12 years ago

Congrats Stephanie!!!

sheree 12 years ago


Maria 12 years ago

OMG!!!! Congratulations. I want baby #2, but will have to wait until passing REG. I even dreamed the other day that I was having twins LOL Enjoy your vacations and have fun with the family!!!!