NINJA Success Story: Tima Passes the CPA Exam

20 Dec 2012

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Hi Everyone. My name is Tima.

On the second weekend of December I found out I have passed the last part of CPA exam (Audit) after 3 years of struggling.

You can imagine how thrilled I was! Finally my dream became reality!

Here is the history of my scores:

BEC (61,74,74,73,75)
AUD (66,72,63,72,86)
FAR (72,73,75)
REG (69,57,77)

I started taking exams late in 2009 but was not really putting enough effort into it till early 2011. That was when I was so frustrated and desperately looking for a support group and found and loved it!

I bought the NINJA Notes (great tool). I figured out what was wrong with the way I was studying and I fixed it. I am going to tell you all about it shortly.

I passed FAR in November 2011 (75) and REG in February 2012 (77), BEC (75 – finally!) in August 2012 and AUD (86) in December 2012. So you can imagine what I went through.

We all do have our own problems/circumstances in life; my jouney was not an easy one with losing a loved one at a young age and getting laid off because of the economy, but I DID it and I am sure you ALL can.

Here are some tips that I found useful:

1. Whatever is your circumastance never ever give up. Have faith in yourself and work harder.
There were days when I was not sure if I could go on after all the frustrations and heartaches, but knowing myself and how I have never been a quitter I kept going, and looking back I am so glad I did!

2. Figure out what method of studying works best for you. For instance, I figured out studying productively for me is only possible in the library where there is no distraction. As far as materials, I used Wiley books/CDs along with NINJA Notes. I would do all multiple choices 2 times before each exam and would take notes of my mistakes and weak areas to review them constantly.

3. Don't forget to have some FUN in the process! Try to balance your work/study time with a bit of fun time with family and friends at least once a week. It sure will help to get you energized. Also, I recommend doing at least 20-30 min of exercise to refresh your mind. It helps a lot to remain strong and determined since these exams test both your knowledge and capacity to handle mental pressure, in my opinion.

4. I think it is better to get rid of FAR and REG first, then do AUD and BEC in any order you prefer. Never underestimate BEC! I was struggling with back to back 74s in BEC and finally passed with 75!!

Hope these tips helped.

I know this process looks very tough and sometimes it is like travelling to the unknown, but I believe with determination and hard work you will soon be a CPA and be happy that you put all the time, energy, and money into it!

Now I need to start looking for a job in a BIG 4 to fullfil the job experience requirements for my license.

Best of luck to all of you studying, and remember before you know it you will be celebrating your victory.


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