REG Results: A Day to Mope, then Moving on to BEC

24 Aug 2012


By Tori

Tori is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello NINJAs,

I am writing today in a state of lamentation. I received my regulation score today and it does not look pretty.

I shockingly did not pass regulation. I know I went into the exam feeling mightily prepared. I was scoring low 90s on all the practice testlets I was doing in the Wiley Test Bank. Even on the practice SIMS I was scoring in the 80s pretty consistently.

I honestly do not have an explanation for how this happened. I am greatly disappointed. I really wanted to be 50% done with this beast of an exam. I certainly put in the effort, I should have been able to reap the reward. So, I am asking myself, “What now?”

Well, as of about 2 weeks ago, I have been studying for BEC. My plan was to take BEC right at the beginning of the next window, then move onto FAR. However, I am determined not to let regulation beat me in 2012.

So, right after I take BEC, I am jumping back in the REG saddle. I agree with Jeff when he says you need to know like kind exchange, and the rules for 1231 and 1245 property, and the rules for section 179 expenses. So I took the time and learned the rules for these tax topics, as well as the others in the CSO. Still, it was not enough.

My breakdown shows that I was weaker in all the areas of taxation except individual taxation. My MCQ analysis looked nearly Identical to the last time I took the exam.

So, here I am disappointed in myself. I will allow myself a day or so to mope about it, then I will get back to work. I hate that every failed attempt means at least 3 more months of studying and misery in my life. 2 months to study and then one to wait for results. Well, that is all that I have to say about my rematch with regulation.

As far as my progress on BEC, I am almost done watching all the videos. I have forgotten how painfully boring they are. I do pay attention to them though. I pause several times to take notes.

It is quite time consuming and tedious. But soon I will be able to jump into the multiple choice practice and really get moving and productive on each of the modules in the testbank.

Finally, I do want to congratulate all the people who received great news this score release, and let all the other candidates know that I am right there with you on your next rematch. Do not give up. We will overcome this exam. Just keep working at it.

Have a great week.