Job Hunting and Making Progress in BEC

21 Sep 2012


By Tori

Tori is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hi everyone,

I am writing today to give you a quick update on my progress for BEC.

My target date to take this section was right at the beginning of October. However, I am only about 40% through my material.

At first it seemed like I was struggling to understand the materials, but I have actually come to the conclusion that what I am doing is really developing a comprehensive understanding of the materials presented.

I have mostly switched from a video course to Wiley for my review. Only because my original review course flagged a lot of material as ancillary.

I know that in the video lectures they tell the students to read the material once and what sticks, sticks; but I really found that a lot of material in those sections is more important, and will require more than a once over.

So, when I started studying for BEC, I bought the Wiley book for that section, and have been going to town, learning all the material. I really take the time to absorb the information on each major topic.

I use the materials from my video course to learn mnemonics for topics that have multiple points, like the ERM themes, or which factors will affect supply or demand other than price.

So, other than studying, I am spending time job hunting, and I also have plans to complete the qualifying education to become a registered tax preparer.

Congrats to all the candidates who passed their last section. To everyone else, keep pushing forward!

Have a great weekend,