Productive Week + AUD Study Buddy

05 May 2012


By Tori

Tori is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello fellow NINJAs!

This has been a productive week for me in terms of studying. I have been working on the first section of AUD in review materials and reviewing my NINJA Flashcards.

I also spent time going through all the homework questions, and if I received a score of less than 80% I would redo all of the questions.

Accordingly, Chapter 1 made more sense when I made the realization that the material was related to issuers. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the details of the material, that I miss the overall topic the material is covering. I always have to remind myself to read the TOC for each chapter in order to give myself an overall expectation of what I am about to cover.

I just moved onto Chapter 2 on Thursday. I plan on attacking the chapter and killing all of the Wiley MCQs. Thank goodness for my weekend study buddy who keeps me focused. We may not always be working on the same section, but we do keep each other focused and on task, always pushing forward.

I plan on competing all of Chapter 2 by Sunday afternoon, then taking a practice test on Monday morning. Hopefully the information will have sunk in.

Good luck NINJAs, happy studying!

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