Time to Turn up the Intensity on BEC Study

13 Oct 2012


By Tori

Tori is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello NINJAs

It has been kind of a slow week as I progress through the chapters for BEC.

I finally got through Risk Management and Capital Budgeting. I spent a lot of time on this module.

I attempted one topic at a time, and really sought to understand the material. After i got through the entire chapter taking notes and rewriting them, I went into drill and kill mode on the Wiley MCQs.

I learned that I did not master the key differences between IRR and NPV. So I went back to the book, re-read the section, re-wrote the notes, and attempted the questions again.

I think I have attempted over 200 questions in this module, and have finally achieved a 75% correct average. I will keep working to improve my score on this module.

I also did a 30 question practice session covering all topics I have completed to date and scored an 83. I did pretty good with corporate governance, and capital budgeting, but will need to spend some time reviewing economics and IT.

I am sure that as I practice questions from those sections, the reasoning and thought process will come back to me.

With regard to timing, I am way behind my original timeline to take this exam. I can honestly say it is because I have turned down the intensity of my study regimen.

I really wanted to take BEC and a rematch with REG this window, but BEC is proving to be a bigger beast than I anticipated. That being said, I think it is time to end this blog, and get back to Financial Management.

I have 4 more modules to get through. I am going to turn up the intensity on studying, and who knows, maybe I can take BEC before the end of the month and still have time for a REG rematch.

Have a great week NINJAs,