Patiently Awaiting BEC Score + Hoping to Move on to REG

05 Dec 2012


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I took BEC on the 20th, and am waiting patiently for my scores. Hey, I even was able to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend.

I have scheduled exams right after holidays, and I can say having to spend time studying when you could be having fun is not the most enjoyable experience.

I was able to help cook Thanksgiving dinner with my husband and able to decorate my apartment for Christmas on Black Friday. I don't usually go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving because I worked in retail for eleven years and am just not interested in wading through the crowds anymore.

With regard to progress on studying, I have been taking a small break. My strategy, post BEC, was to continue to study and practice the Wiley MCQs until I receive my scores. Then, if I passed, I can move on to the next section.

If I didn't pass, I will have had time to keep the material fresh in my mind until a retake in January. Since I have not really done much studying it is time to get back in the saddle and keep practicing those BEC questions.

If I passed BEC, after a small celebration, I will be going back to REG. I ordered a brand new 2013 Wiley book which should be delivered soon.

Since my original review course has expired, I am going all Wiley for any future review materials. I didn't find that the review course I used was efficient, or a good match for my study/learning style.

I didn't like how they downplayed the importance of some topics, when in fact, most topics in the CSO have an equal probability of being tested.

In contrast, I like how all of Jeff's NINJA materials are able to summarize key topics however, at no point does he say that just reading something from the review material once is sufficient effort toward a topic.

Well, I suppose that is enough of a ramble for the week. I hope that everyone is able to celebrate during the coming score release
Good luck to all.


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