Staying Busy with Work, Home Life, and REG Studies

28 Feb 2013


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I hope everyone is having a great ‘Month o' Love'! I know things have been going pretty great for me in the general sense.

I am keeping busy at work, enjoying home life with my husband and dogs, and working towards a healthier me.

The only thing I am struggling with is my motivation to get through my materials. Every night after work, I stop at the local cafe and force myself to focus on the material. The only problem is that I am not putting in nearly enough study time.

I definitely do not ‘phone it in' when I am studying. I really get focused so that I know I am achieving the level of proficiency needed to get 75+ on the exam. Over the last 2 weeks or so, I have been through secured transactions, bankruptcy law, debtor creditor relationships, and commercial paper.

I have definitely forgotten some of the material since my last attempt at REG. The good thing is that since I am using the Wiley book, I am picking up on little fact nuggets that would have definitely made a difference if I would have known them for my last REG attempt.

So as I type this message, I am mentally planning tomorrow's study session: finish Wiley book questions (Debtor creditor relationships), move onto Wiley MCQs, start the chapter on Agency.

Like many others (I'm sure) I have found that looking at the review book as a whole is quite overwhelming. It is easy to feel like you will never get through all the material. With this in mind, I attack each module one section at a time. For me this is the only way to ensure that I can keep moving forward.

Also, since this is my third attempt at REG, the idea of breezing through a section is quite enticing. But I know the CPA exam cliche is true that the section you skip is doomed to be the section that is heavily tested on exam day. With this fear in mind, I am leaving no topic to chance.

Oh, and you may recall from my last post that I resolved to start studying on my weekends, but I just have not been able to focus on my days off. This is a common loss of study time for many CPA candidates.

I am aware that my review will progress more quickly if I commit the time. It is so hard when here in southern California, the weather is in the 60s/70s. The outdoors call my name and eat up the whole day. Well, for now. I will keep aiming to spend the weekend time studying and see what comes of the good intention.

It is time for my long drive home now, so I will catch you NINJAs next time. Keep studying!


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