Still Plugging Away + Focusing on My Weakest Points in REG

29 May 2013


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This week I am checking in from a hotel where I am staying for training for a new job that I am starting next month. It is kind of weird getting re-familiarized with GASB and Yellow book, but I am sure things will come back to me soon.

On the studying spectrum, things are going kind of slow. I am still working on individual taxation. I am just starting on the section of the chapter related to MACRS. It is kind of hard to remember which types of assets have certain ADR midpoints and their corresponding depreciation rates.

I imagine this topic is no different than any other topic that I have struggled with. I just need to stick with the material until I get it. I know that this topic in particular is prime testing material so I wont move on until I really understand it.

I have found that there are many topics that are new to me this time around on REG. If I had a firm handle on these topics previously I might have been successful on my previous attempts at this section. I am glad that I recognize the problem areas. It just means that I know when I can move on and when to spend more time on a topic.

Another strategy that seems to be working well for me is to use the 80% proficiency rate with the multiple choice questions. I don't move on from a section until I am getting 80% or more correct on the questions.

One thing that I am struggling with while studying is the feeling of exhaustion. I frequently feel like I am running out of steam when studying. Every night, when I sit down to study, I study until I cannot stay awake any longer. I don't know if this strategy is helping or hurting my efforts.

I just feel like it is the only way to make any progress. I know that I am halfway done with this hurdle in life. Knowing that this chapter of my life can potentially be over in a matter of months is my driving force to keep studying.

Another nice thing about my new job is that there are several people who are studying as well. Some of them are even using the NINJA materials. It is nice to have people to commiserate with regarding the life of CPA exam prep. It will all be over for me one day soon. Until then, I will keep plugging away.

Catch you next week,


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