No Time to Waste: REG Behind Me, FAR Up Next

30 Aug 2013


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I sat for REG on Monday, the 26th. Things went well, or so it seemed. Time will tell, on score release day of course. After my exam, I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening running errands and spending time with my husband and my pups.

First thing Tuesday morning, I made sure my iPad Kindle app was loaded up with my FAR ebook and headed off to work. I don't really have time to waste because I am taking FAR on November 18. That means I have exactly 12 weeks to get through all the material and MCQs, and NINJA Notes of course.

Yes, that does mean that I won't have to haul around that 1,000+ page review book; I will carry around my perfectly convenient iPad!

When one of my colleagues asked why I don't take a small break between sections, I simply stated that I do not have time for a break. Not only is my exam already scheduled, I have a larger deadline: Pass my sections or lose AUD. I already know I spent way too much time on regulation, but hopefully that section is behind me and the 3rd time is the charm.

For now, I am forward looking. I spent the evening Wednesday mapping out a plan of ATTACK for FAR. I have beefed up Jeff's free study planner with additional data specific to my book such as number of questions per chapter, percent of total questions, and included some analytic information that will help me with time management. I guess that is the NERDY auditor in me, needing to set a time budget.

Now that my plan is in place, all that is left for me to do is execute. I know that I am facing a huge challenge in attacking FAR. First off, busy season at the office is in full effect, and I am currently assigned to one of our biggest clients.

I know like many other candidates out there, it can be a struggle to manage your time with work, studies, family, personal well being (exercise/diet etc.). I face this very struggle every day. I know that the key to success for me in this particular situation is sacrifice.

While I do not have extended family obligations, I do have an incredibly supportive husband who helps out with nearly of the household responsibilities. He takes great care of our home and our pups while I am working and studying during the week. On the weekends, he is equally supportive of my needs (studying/exercise/rest). I cannot give the man enough credit for all he has done in an effort to support my personal and professional growth.

I know it will not be long before we are back to our old lives of PTO actually being spent on vacations and memory making. For now, all I can do is work hard on carrying out my end of the bargain and get these exams passed!

With that in mind, it is time for me to put in 30 more minutes of study before bed.

Consider thanking your support system, and make the most of your study time.

Have a great week NINJAs.


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