Full NINJA Mode: Ready for a REG Attack

12 Sep 2013


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I was really hoping that after fighting all morning with the CA state board web site that I would be able to present great news about my REG retake. Unfortunately, my score was dismal.

When I first opened my status report I thought I had opened my old FAR score report. But sadly, no, I seriously bombed REG.

Has anyone else scored a lower score on their third attempt at a section than their previous attempts? I seriously do not know what went wrong here.

I spent a good part of the morning just trying to get my score, then spent the rest of the afternoon trying to stay focused on my work. I kept replaying the exam in my mind.

I can actually recall a majority of the questions from my exam and I specifically remember recognizing the rule the exam was asking me to apply, applying the rule, and knowing why my answer was correct. Or so I thought.

I know that is how I approached my entire prep for REG. Aside from spending way too much time preparing for the exam, I just do not have an explanation for how/why things went wrong, except that the AICPA gods and NASBA were not thinking good things about me on exam day. So what now?

I had resolved to spend a solid 12 weeks preparing for FAR in an effort to avoid losing AUD. However, I have decided to switch gears since the my REG attempt was so recent, I am going to jump back in on REG.

I am going full NINJA on the section. I have already restored the NINJA Audio to my phone, I have reloaded the NINJA Notes to my iPad, and fortunately, my REG Wiley Test Bank is good for at least 10 more months.

I have already completed a new application request for the CA state board and will send off a check when I get home this weekend. If I can get the paperwork in order, I plan to re-sit for REG by October 15. And then decide if there is enough time to blow through FAR, or to reschedule that section for early January.

I seriously need to be done with these exams. This is a critical benchmark at the firm I work at, and as such, I am feeling the pressure.

Don't worry REG, you may have won this round, but I will defeat you! After I defeat you, I am coming for your big brother FAR!!!

I will be a CPA!

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