A Week off for Final AUD Prep + MCQ Drill & Kill

04 Mar 2014


Tori is a NINJA CPA Blogger.


I hope everyone’s end of the testing window is going well.

Today is the day I sit for AUD for the second time, and I hope to pass it two times in a row. I lost credit for audit in November and today is the day I hope to get it back.

Audit prep has been a bit hasty, not much different than the first time I took this section. I literally had 17 days to prepare for audit and fortunately I feel reasonably comfortable about the work I have put in as I get ready to sit for the section.

To recap, I took the last week off from work and have literally been a NINJA Note rewriting, re-reading, MCQ answering maniac. I have answered 1729 multiple choice questions and re-written the NINJA notes several time ( I lost count).

Last night, I set a goal for myself that I would make the progress bars in my Wiley test bank all turn green before I stopped for the night. Well I can safely say I met the goal I set for myself. Also, I haven’t had a practice session score below 80 since 2/25 and over the last 2 days most scores have actually been 90, 95, or 100.

Hopefully my methodology of drill and kill on the multiple choice questions pays off. I think that answering multiple choice questions en mass in the days leading up to an exam is crucial to success and is highly beneficial if, for every question, you think about what rule the correct response is related to, instead of just answering the answer you have memorized.

Sure you have to memorize the rules, but don’t fall into the trap of memorizing the answers to the practice questions and expect the same questions on the exam. That can mess you up.

So what else is left. Oh FAR, I took FAR on the tenth of February, but have not checked my score yet. I plan to check this afternoon after I finish AUD. So more on that to come next week I suppose.

Well, best of luck to all of you NINJAs as we push through the final days in the testing window, and into wave 3 score release.

Finally, you may have seen on the news, and since I am a resident, I can confirm—It is raining here in southern California. This doesn’t happen very often and to be honest it is nice once in a while to clean up the roads and such. I know folks in other parts of the country have that dirty white stuff on the ground. Although we don’t really know what that is here in So Cal.

Nonetheless, happy studies and score release. Catch you next week.


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