Spending Every Waking Moment Focused on FAR

08 May 2014


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Hey there NINJAs.

It has been a lil bit since my last post, let me catch you up.

I have been spending every spare waking moment this month preparing for part 4 with FAR. I wish I were in a position to say that it was not part four, however, sometimes, for some folks, the battle with the CPA exam is more drawn out. What does that mean for me?

Well it has been over 2 years since my first attempt at FAR and not much has changed, really. There is a ton of material to cover. Which we all know, I suppose. The topics are not easy, and require an in-depth knowledge, so much so that you really have to, dare I say, have intimate knowledge of each subtopic.

With that said, I have spent a lot of time on topics which for me have been more difficult in the past. I feel more comfortable with bonds and leases, and fixed assets, but I cannot say I feel confident.

Like many other NINJAs out there, I work in public accounting and while my technical knowledge is growing with each engagement, I am no expert. I am really working hard to become proficient enough to pass the exam. There have been numerous struggles along the way, however for the sake of your time will limit my summary to this current attempt.

As indicated previously, I have been working on FAR since the beginning of April. This is the third quarter in a row I have attempted the section. So, the material is not new to me. I have focused on weak areas or subtopics which did not get enough attention in previous attempts, in addition to areas which did.

As a matter of fact, for this attempt, I simply started with the topic area which has the most amount of questions in the Wiley test bank and progress to a smaller section each time.

There have been bumps in the road over the last few weeks. Seriously, stockholder’s equity has made me feel like an idiot, so has the statement of cash flows, investments, and many other topics. I just stick with it though. Every missed question is an opportunity to further my knowledge base.

I take a note as to what the correct answer explanation is, how my calculation was wrong and try again in the next round of 20 questions.

I bet for many NINJAs out there who have taken multiple attempts to pass the exam that this is nothing new. I feel like I am in a vicious cycle that, maybe, one day I can be done with. I hate failing a section and the emotions that come with that. It literally feels like getting punched/kicked/slapped in the face/stomach/teeth every single time.

One thing is for certain, when I do pass there will be somethings which have changed and somethings which won’t. Things that will have changed are where my hard earned dollars and free time will be spent. I will be spending those exam fees on professional memberships and CPE and other fun stuff, and my current study time will be spent doing more work (I suppose) and getting in some quality fun family time with my husband and dogs. Things that will never change include my resolve for success and growth.

I had a dream around mid March that I gave up on the CPA exams and started doing things which should be fun like hiking and enjoying the outdoors. Except in my dream I was miserable because I gave up on a milestone in life that has been important to me since before I even started college.

Maybe another comparison is acceptable. You get out of the CPA exams what you put into it. Much like weight loss and fitness. If you are not honest with yourself about your efforts you will never own the results.

I know for a fact that I spend my time either studying, working, or sleeping. There is not much time built in that schedule for fun stuff. It is spring time here in southern CA and I really just wanna get out there and enjoy life, and the beach, and the wilderness. Alas, first I must complete this journey called the CPA exam.

One day (hopefully soon) I will share my CPA Candidate final “I passed, I’m done post; until then, I will catch you next time. I would say happy studying, but that is just being facetious. So study hard NINJA’s, I know I am.

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Mary R 10 years ago

I know the feeling, FAR has so much material to be covered. I rewrote all my notes and put away the book because of it size(I feel like am never going to see the end of this book). With time and effort(a lot of it)it will become easy overtime. CPA is on our radar!!!!!