Anticipating AUD Score Release + A Second Round with REG

03 Jun 2012


By Tori

Tori is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello NINJAs,

I hope everyone had a successful end of the testing window.

As predicted last week, this week was definitely a slow study week for me. I took some much needed down time and relaxed with my husband and Yorkies.

I am in great anticipation of the end of window score release, when hopefully, I will be able to celebrate my first passing score.

I feel pretty good about how AUD went for me. I felt confident with the multiple choice. By that I mean that there were only 2-3 questions per testlet which I was not absolutely certain of the answers. Also I was pretty happy with the simulations I received, in that they tasked me with audit procedures I have performed before.

So, now that I am going back for a second round with Regulation, I am back in the study saddle. My weekend will be spent reviewing individual taxation, and property transactions. I do not plan on watching the videos from my review course again. However, I have already started listening to the NINJA Audio.

While I do not think that practicing the simulations will help me to prepare for the simulations on the exam, I do feel that they will help me to gauge my understanding of the topics presented conceptually. For this reason, I will be completing the practice simulations with more frequency and intensity than during my first go around with REG.

I will definitely be working on the MCQs until I am confident that I really know the material. I have also begun writing and rewriting NINJA Notes to help cement my understanding of the topics.

I feel very tempted to take a short break from studying until my score is released, however, if I do, I will not have enough time to cover two exams in the next window. So for now, I am back to the books.

Have a great week NINJAs.

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