After a Relaxing Weekend, Back to the REG Grindstone

19 Jun 2012


By Tori

Tori is a weekly NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello NINJAs,

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.

I am just returning from a 5 day camping trip in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The weather was quite amazing, and while I did bring along my study materials, I did not break out my laptop until day 4.

I spent some time reviewing corporate taxation, and S corporations. I feel like corporate tax is one of my week spots and it is evidenced by the breakdown of my score from the last time I took regulation. I really want to nail down these topics. I feel like this will make the difference between my 71 on regulation and a passing score.

Now that I have had some downtime, celebrated passing AUD, and generally enjoyed life for a few days, I am back to the grindstone. While I have not scheduled my rematch with REG yet, I am planning on taking it around the middle of July. This means I have about a month before my next attempt.

I am definitely behind schedule, however I feel like once I get these taxation topics mastered, that the remainder of the topics tested in regulation will be easily reviewed and satisfactorily refreshed for testing. I hope this strategy works for me.

Don't forget, if you are enjoying life during your attempts to study for the exam, you aren't working hard enough. So get your nose back in the books!

Have a great week studying NINJAs.

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