Introducing NINJA CPA Blogger Toyibat

16 Oct 2012


Toyibat is a new NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hello Future CPAs!

I am seriously pumped all over again about tackling the CPA and getting it all behind me once and for all! has definitely pushed me thus far to get on the bandwagon again.

As a quick introduction, I graduated from Howard University, DC in May 2009 and I was looking forward to entering the corporate world in the fall of the same year (I got and accepted a full time employment offer with a Big 4 Accounting firm the year before after my summer internship).

With this in mind, I started a crash course CPA lesson over the summer with a firm plan to have completed three sections (Audit, BEC and REG) before I started working full time. I followed that plan; I took Audit without really studying at all and got an 86!

Then I took REG about a month after and got a 74. That was a horrible experience; it was a bitter disappointment for me. I’m not used to failing exams. I would soon get accustomed to the feeling though. I took FAR about 2 months after that and I got a 65.

At this point, things got really busy and hectic at work and I didn’t have time to sleep, much less study for a few exams. Things got worse after that unfortunately.

I tried squeezing in study time here and there and I would take REG because, believe it or not, after Audit, I was comfortable with the material. My scores didn’t reflect this however. I took REG again and got a 73 and again and got a 72! I was dejected.

But at this point, I still had my score for Audit, right? WRONG! I lost it not too long after my last REG score.

So, I stopped altogether. Work was getting in the way. Life was getting more fun and complicated and I didn’t have any motivation at all to pick up a book or listen to another boring lecture. This was about a year ago.

After my recent promotion at work, I decided to begin again, this time with drastic measures. I didn’t want to use the same review course; it didn’t work for me. So I started researching about various CPA materials alternatives and stumbled upon Another71.

I have scheduled my exam for Audit again for the end of October and I’ve been using the Wiley Test Bank thus far. I plan to use the NINJA Notes and the flash cards as well. The NINJA Study Planner has been a great tool for me because I have been able to tailor my study time around my responsibilities (ie my job, family, etc).

My key take away from reading the stories on the website and from friends and colleagues is that there’s never going to be “the” time to start. It’s up to you to make the time and finish. So that’s what I’m doing.

Happy Studying!!