I Can Do This: 24 Days until FAR

10 Apr 2014


Tracey is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hey y’all,

Hope everyone’s studying is going well for the start of the Q2.

My studying is going pretty good, since the last update I am now 75% through my review material with 24 more days until my exam.

Holy cow, I just realized I have 24 more days until I take my first CPA exam.

Nerves have been setting in this past month and I am getting anxious to just take it and know if how I am studying is good enough or if I need to go at it harder than what I already am. Until then, I will keep trying to understand all material and get through as many MCQs and Sims as possible while listening to NINJA Audio every day.

So many things are going on in my life right now but that will not stop me from passing the CPA exam. My husband just started studying for a certification he has to pass for his work, so not much quality time now with him.

However, we do workout at the gym together 4-5 days a week. Working out is our hobby together and we train hard but it also helps relieve stress from studying. This is the time we get to catch up on things, terrible yes but it will not be like this long.

Also last week we finally got four rooms in our new house painted and, no, we did not do it ourselves. So also in the meantime I am trying to decorate a house, which I am not good at.

Spring also started the other week and it has been beautiful here in NC the last two weeks with 60-70 degree weather. I love the outdoors and it is so hard to study on the weekends when I know people are outside enjoying the sunshine. I get jealous because I want to do that, but I can’t if I want to pass FAR.

Only 24 more days until doomsday of FAR! I can do this. I will do this. I need to.

Until next time, study hard!

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