Glad FAR is Over: First Exam in the Books

13 May 2014


Tracey is a NINJA CPA Blogger.

Hey ya’ll,

Since my last post I have taken my first CPA exam – FAR – and boy am I glad it is over … for now, until scores are released.

In my opinion the exam wasn’t too terribly bad. My MCQs were very fair and covered all topics, some more than others. I recognized all the questions and only about 2-3 I honestly didn’t know.

The simulations are what got me.

There were 2 in particular that I should have known because I had practiced them tons of time, but when I got to them my mind went blank and could not think of anything. I did try and at least put down an answer to maybe get partial credit.

I do believe my self-study materials and NINJA Ten Point Combo helped out tremendously. I was so glad to get in my vehicle after the exam and actually turn the radio on to listen to music instead of Jeff.

After the exam, my husband and I went on our first camping/hiking trip together. We had planned this a few weeks back because we both knew I needed to get away from reality after taking the exam and relax some. The trip was nice, enjoyed the outdoors and time with my husband.

As for now with the studying, I am moving on with AUD until score release. I figured getting in a few chapters would be better if I do indeed pass FAR. If I don’t then it is back to conquering FAR at the beginning of July.

I definitely know what I need to focus more on for the exam and certain topics that are confusing to me if there is a repeat.

A few weeks left in this testing window, hope everyone that still has exams scheduled is studying hard and Good Luck!

Until next time…

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cpain2014 10 years ago

Tracey, what software were you using. I'm using both Ninja MCQ and CPAExcel. All the questions are very hard. There are good days and bad days..more bad than good..

Melantha Kamaria 10 years ago

Good luck! I'm sending good vibes your way! I take audit tomorrow and I think I'm ready but I have to spend the rest of the day doing my final review. I've been close many times but this time feels different.