Summer “Fun” with FAR and AUD

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Hey, NINJAs!

Well, I have bad news. I did not pass FAR, and I am bummed. I was truly hoping I would not have to retake this exam again, and I can already say I am not looking forward to retaking it.

I am planning to retake FAR at the beginning of July after all the emotions of failing fade. I will also go ahead and schedule AUD for the end of August so I at least have a month and a half to study for it.

My plan for reviewing FAR involves going over all the sections I struggle with and attempt to ace the material. I will also review every bit of material to refresh my memory.

I remember the sections of the exam that did not go well, but who knows what kind of exam I will get next so I have to study everything again, just in case.

I hate failing.

This is not my thing, but I have to pick myself up and go at it again.

My husband has encouraged me and does not judge me on how well or poor I do on the exams.

So, tomorrow I dust off the old FAR book one last time (I hope) and start studying again. This time around I hope the CPA gods are with me and the odds turn in my favor.

I absolutely hate that my first summer married is being spent studying for the CPA exam and not with my husband.

All I can do is pray and hope that next summer will be different.


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7 comments on “Summer “Fun” with FAR and AUD”

  • I started studying for FAR yesterday and have 28 days until my exam date!! I’m hoping I can absorb everything in time!

  • Thanks guys! Good Luck Alexa and Jr. on your exam. FAR is so much material and I am struggling too still to focus on weak areas and still remember everything else.

  • Ive been studying since January and I still dont feel ready but I cant postpone it. Ill do my best and try to stay positive. It is a lot of material to learn and details to remember. I just wish sometimes that studying was my full time job like my college days. Lol

  • I’m sorry sweetie 🙁 I feel you. I take FAR this week. Keep it up and just know that these hard times will fade and be worth it in the end. I am sorry!

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